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An Industry-Leader in Direct Response Marketing

Altare Publishing creates, manufactures, and markets products that “enhance” life. Specifically, we make digital information products for the health and personal growth industries. The company was founded over 9 years ago to innovate online marketing, with the ultimate goal of making lives better for men and women all over the world.


Altare Publishing is a direct response marketing company that creates and markets digital information products like e-books, podcasts, and instructional videos.

We do everything in-house. This means that everything from the friendly voice on a customer support call, to the words on a sales page, to the design and development of the product…has passed through the hands of an Altare employee.

We take pride in our products because we have an ambitious goal of changing the world by empowering the human mind and body. That’s why all of our products have a personal growth element to them.

We like to think of ourselves as a one-stop-shop for products that make your life better (or make YOU better at life).


Altare is unique in the sense that we run our entire business online.

We create sales pages that market and sell our products, then we send web “traffic” to the pages and generate sales. We also work with other businesses with similar audiences (“affiliates”), they send traffic to our product pages and if that leads to a sale, they get paid a commission. Lastly, we also buy our own traffic by placing ads on networks like Google Adwords and Revcontent.

This process makes Altare Publishing an entirely self-sufficient business, eliminating any need to market or consult for other companies.


Altare is extremely passionate about innovation.

We tend to be at the cutting edge of online marketing trends and in many cases lead the market. We believe in “usability”, and because of that, we’ve developed a unique competitive advantage: our marketing works on a wide range of devices, operating systems, and browsers. (Your cell phone loves our websites.)

For example: Have you seen those “explainer” videos with the black text on a white background, where someone with a powerful voice offers a solution to a problem you may be having? We call those “video sales letters” (VSLs), and we are the world leaders at this method of online marketing.

Altare was also behind the creation of Click Syndicate. With over 2000 partners, it’s currently one of the world’s largest affiliate networks.

Tools of the Trade



We pride ourselves on making eye-catching designs and writing copy that converts into sales. Our copywriting and design team is the engine behind our successful offers. Our talented team makes use of:

  • Landing Pages
  • VSLs
  • Banner Ads
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Membership Sites


We believe that continuous testing is the key to developing offers that scale. Not only do we focus on quality assurance, but our marketing team creates variations that our “testing” team can use for:

  • Split testing
  • Conversion Rates
  • Clicks and Unique Visitors
  • Traffic Sources
modern processes


We utilize a flexible, holistic product development strategy where our development team works in small units to bring projects to fulfillment. This style of working employs the following methodologies:

  • Agile Development Process
  • Matrix Organizational Design
  • Scrum
latest technology


We make sure to always stay up to date with the latest technology, always keeping innovation and growth in mind. If it makes pages load faster or software run smoother—then we’ll use  it. Some of that technology includes:

  • JIRA
  • Google Adwords
  • PHP
  • Limelight CRM
  • NATS for Networks
  • Flowplayer
  • HTML5


Check out our Current Opportunities

Altare Publishing has a primarily remote work force. We've found a key competitive advantage with finding talent has been to cast a net over North America and Western Europe rather than simply recruiting in a single city. This allows us to find a superstar for each role within the company rather than the best person locally. We've found through experience that workers based in time zones from Western Europe to Pacific Standard Time work best as too big a time difference can make communication problematic.

Remote work tends to attract self-motivated, entrepreneurial people who don't need or want to be micromanaged.  Talented remote workers tend to be highly productive, results focused and enjoy a more flexible schedule. While we value being available for the lion's share of regular work hours to benefit communication we want our team to have a strong work/life balance.

We have a core creative team who work near the New Jersey office as they get a lot of value out of face-to-face creative sessions. Many companies have struggled to make remote work work, however we've been highly successful at finding the right people and having the internal processes to make it a viable option for hirees who desire it. We aim to minimize meetings outside of those completely necessary and we look to get the maximum ROI from the meetings we do have.

Our employees like that we have no shortage of consistent work, there is a wide variety of projects and tasks, we are constantly innovating and at the cutting edge of direct response and online marketing and we have a non-corporate culture that values a strong sense of humor. For the size of the company we have a small team so every person plays a critical role and is highly depended on.

We get face-to-face time every month or two at regular company retreats, affiliate conferences and get togethers at the Edgewater, NJ office just outside of Manhattan, NYC. We've had company retreats from Hawaii to San Diego to Amsterdam. Regular affiliate conferences are in Las Vegas, New York City, Berlin and Prague and many other places.
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